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A Piece of Big Charity is a Piece of History
From "Charity Hospital NOLA Memorabilia"

​From the walls of Big Charity, marble chunks, tiles, and engraved marble squares are available for purchase!  Proceeds of sales go to local charities and project development.

Securing your piece of Charity history is easy. You can purchase pieces of the marble walls - plain irregular chunks, or smooth squares engraved with the Big Charity seal, the diploma pin design or the Charity Alumni logo. You can also get tiles (without engraving) from Room 4.

The downloadable Order Form below provides a lot of important information about your options. Once you have made a selection, you can contact us through Instagram, through Facebook at Charity Hospital NOLA Memorabilia
by email at, or by mail using the form. You can arrange with us to pick up your selection at the old ER ramp, or we can ship it to you.

We do not know how much longer these items will be available, so do not wait long to reach out to us. We want to make sure everyone who wishes to give these pieces a new home has that opportunity.  Once these items are gone, they will be gone forever.

A 1.25 square foot chunk of marble makes a great cutting board.
Irregularly-shaped marble chunks from 2" to over a foot long are available from Floors 2 to 12.
Engravings available in 
6" x 6" marble squares are: 
the Charity Nursing Diploma Pin, the CHSN Alumni logo, 
and the Charity Seal.

"Where the Unusual Occurs and Miracles Happen" is available in 6" x 18" marble.
The Alumni Association is selling Brass Plates to identify your marble as "A Piece of Big Charity." These are available in the Alumni Association Online Store on this website.

PLEASE NOTE: The Alumni Association is NOT selling the marble pieces. You must contact Charity Hospital NOLA Memorabilia.