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Old Yearbooks: You Want 'Em. We Got 'Em.
How to Order
If you want a yearbook shipped to you, you can order right here on our website. Click on the “Order Online” button and scroll down to "Souvenirs: Yearbooks". 
Or mail us a check for $5.

If you want to pick one up at the information desk at the School of Nursing, there is no charge. But you have to notify us in advance! (Please do NOT just show up and ask for a yearbook. They will only be pulled out of storage when you contact us.)
Just email us, or use the "Contact Us" form above, to let us know what book you want.  We will let you know when it is ready for pick up.

Please email the Alumni Office at to check availability, then you can arrange for 
pick up or place your order.
Yearbooks are now available online!
You can view Charity yearbooks online at the Internet Archive.

Now seeing your yearbook will be as simple as going on your computer! We have placed scans of all the School of Nursing yearbooks at Internet Archive, a non-profit library of books and historical material from libraries and other institutions all over the country. And you can use it free!

On your internet search engine, type in:
             Internet Archive  (No “s” on the end!)  
When that comes up, on the SEARCH ARCHIVES bar type in: Charity Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association (Type the whole thing to avoid getting a bunch of other stuff.)

Our yearbooks will pop up! (Put it in your Bookmarks!) There is a “SORT BY” bar, and just click on “TITLE” to get them in order by year. Then click on the year you want. You can flip through your yearbook page by page, zoom in, even download!

Use this link to check it out:

Remember to click on "TITLE" to get them in order by year.  The collection also includes old issues of The White Cap and the Alumni News.  Ultimately we plan to add other historical School of Nursing documents as well. It’s really fun to look through the old books and newsletters!

Another neat thing to do in the Internet Archive is to search for “Charity Hospital Report.” These are the Big Charity Hospital’s annual reports to the State of Louisiana going back to 1842! Some are even in French! Very cool!

We still have actual old yearbooks available! 
If you want one shipped, it’s only $5 for shipping & handling. If you want to pick up, they are FREE! If you’d like to donate yours, we’ll take it!