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The Alumni Association gives thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards each semester to students enrolled at Charity School of Nursing. Thanks to all our alumni and friends who give so generously to make this possible. 
Scholarships for Level 2 students:

Sister Blanche McDonnell Scholarship $500: Heather Ney
Sister Blanche was the director of the School of Nursing from 1963 to 1980. Her innovative leadership was pivotal for the school, paving the way to create the modern Charity School of Nursing of today. She forever changed the face of the student body by enrolling African Americans, men and married students. She was the force behind the construction of the Education Building in the 1970s. Sister Blanche was uniquely caring, and a true student advocate. She was a real visionary. Sister passed away in 2012, still vibrant at the age of 92. The Alumni Association established this scholarship to honor this extraordinary educator.

Gloria Redmond Ashman Scholarships $500 each: 
Stephanie Poche & William Pellegrin
Gloria Redmond Ashman graduated from Charity in 1948, part of the Cadet Nurse 
Corps in World War II. She went on to served in U.S. Air Force, then worked as RN 
across the country - from Alaska to Florida. Gloria continued nursing career until 
she was 85, and is still volunteering. She is a generous contributor to the Scholarship 
Fund because the Cadet Nurse Corps enabled her to become a nurse and she wants 
to “pay it forward” by helping current students. In recognition of her support, the 
Alumni Association is presenting two scholarhips in her honor this semester.

Joan Arceneaux LeVasseur $500: Brandyn Filerman
​Joan LeVasseur graduated from Charity in 1960. While she was a student at Charity, she received a scholarship and she remembers how much that meant to her. Joan is a generous contributor to the Alumni Association – and she always tell us to use the money where it is needed most. This semester we chose to recognize her with this scholarship in her honor.

Scholarships for Level 3 students:

Sister Laurentia Walsh Scholarship $500: Eric Stovall
Known as the "Angel in White,"​ Sister Laurentia was a Daughter of Charity and Night Supervisor of nurses at Charity Hospital for 31 years.  She worked seven days a week, making rounds of every unit in the hospital, giving out sandwiches, snacks and drinks to the night shift. Even after being confined to a wheelchair, she continued to visit patients. She passed away in 1973 at Charity Hospital. The Alumni Association dedicates this scholarship to the memory of this nurse known as the “Angel in White.”

Margaret Robichaux Elliott Scholarship $500: Misty Guchereau
Margaret Elliott graduated from Charity in 1949. She was a staff nurse on the urology ward at Charity, was promoted to head nurse on orthopedics. She moved to Ohio with her husband and had six children. She volunteered for the Red Cross Blood Bank and assisting in my husband's medical practice. Margaret now lives in Florida, and says, “I have wonderful memories of Charity Hospital and the sisters that taught me. I loved being a nurse and am grateful for the education I received.” Margaret’s very generous donations make this scholarship possible.

​Sister Camilla Gaudin Scholarship $500: Megan Guitreau
Sister Camilla Gaudin joined the Daughters of Charity in 1935. She served as supervisor of the orthopedic department at Charity Hospital for 32 years, then spent another 18 years at Charity Hospital serving as patient liaison. Though not a graduate of the School of Nursing, Sister Camilla was named an Honorary Member of the CHSN Alumni Association. Sister Camilla died in 2010, and a scholarship was established in honor of this beloved member of the Charity community by Charity alumni Mary Smith Singletary '49 and Saundra Owens Roberts '56 who worked with Sister Camilla. 

​Leona Kruebbe Hilbert Scholarship $500: Alana Bottoms
Leona Hilbert graduated from Charity Hospital School of Nursing in 1946. She later served as an Assistant Instructor in Nursing Arts at Charity. Upon her death in November 2013, her family created the Leona Hilbert Scholarship at Charity School of Nursing in her honor. When her husband Dr. Gerard Hilbert died a short time later, donations in his honor his name were added to the scholarship. Leona’s oldest daughter Karen passed away this past year and the Hilbert family made generous donations to the fund in her memory to support the students of Charity.

Hugh and Maria Garcia Roach Scholarship $1000: Mira Bull
Maria Garcia was born in Mexico, the daughter of a doctor and civil rights activist. Maria graduated from Charity in 1938 and trained as a Nurse Anesthetist at Charity Hospital. She went on to teach anesthesia to medical students and physicians at Tulane University School of Medicine. In World War II joined the Army Air Corps Medical Air Evacuation system and received her military pilot wings. She served in North Africa, Asia and Europe as a nurse and relief pilot and later became an instructor in air evacuation. A decorated Army Air Corps officer, Maria continued to serve her country in the State Department after the war.  Her husband Hugh Roach was a British Foreign Service officer, and later became a United Nations representative for Canada. When Hugh died, Maria decided to create a scholarship fund in both their names at Charity School of Nursing.

Scholarships for Level 4 students:

​Marcelle Jacobs Wright Scholarship $500: Alicia McIntosh
Marcelle Jacob Wright graduated in 1941, during the Second World. She joined the Navy Nurse Corps and was sent to the South Pacific Theater where she tended casualties of some of the worst battles of that war, including Guadalcanal. She later worked in the VA Hospital caring for the veterans of her own generation and new generations as well. Marcelle and her husband Joseph passed away in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This scholarship in her memory was established by Marcelle’s family.

Mary Ann Signorelli Whynot Scholarship $500: Mollie Tatum
Mary Ann Signorelli was a World War II Cadet Nurse at Charity Hospital School of Nursing and graduated in 1946. After WWII, she served as ship’s nurse on transports carrying displaced persons from Europe to the US, Canada and other countries. During the Korean War, served as a nurse on ships for the Army Transport Service and USN Military Sea Transport.  After retiring, she was a volunteer for the American Red Cross.  Upon her death, her husband Richard Whynot established this scholarship in her memory.

Joycelyn Jeansonne Scholarship $500: Brittany Brignac
This scholarship was established by Dr. Kevin Jeansonne, the spouse of Joycelyn Jeansonne, who graduated in 1979, and is an active member and leader in the Alumni Association. Dr. Jeansonne firmly believes in the importance of scholarships to help dedicated students and, at a time when the Alumni Association only offered one scholarship, he decided that we should offer more. He committed to supporting this scholarship every semester. Though not limited to students interested in pursuing a career in Pediatrics, the scholarship seeks to encourage those students because of Joycelyn’s love of that field.

Sally Cooper Alumni Association Scholarship $1000: Bianca Robinson
This scholarship was established by the Alumni Association in honor of Sally Cooper, Class of ‘59. Sally taught at Charity Hospital School of Nursing for many years and, in 1980, became Director of the School of Nursing. She was the first Director who was also a Charity graduate. Sally led the school through the merger of Charity Hospital School of Nursing with Delgado Community College, creating the Charity School of Nursing of today. Sally is remembered for her leadership and dedication to the school, its students, faculty and staff. She was also an active member of our Alumni Association for many years.  
    Sally retired in 1992, and the Cooper Scholarship was established by the Alumni Association so that she could enjoy our appreciation of all she did for Charity while she was alive. Sally passed away in 2012 and is still greatly missed by the many friends she made throughout the years at Charity School of Nursing.
CHSNAA Scholarships & Awards - February 2018
The Federation of Registered Professional and Licensed Practical Nurses of Charity Hospital was established in the 1970s to give voice and collective bargaining power to the nurses in negotiations to improve patient care, working conditions, schedules, shift differentials and other employment issues. Dues began at 50 cents per pay period and were paid by RNs and LPNs. 
    When Charity Hospital closed after Hurricane Katrina, the Federation’s last executive council decided that the remaining funds should be used to support nursing education. They chose to donate the money to the Charity Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association, to be used to give an award of $500 each semester to one Charity student in the RN program and one Charity student in the PN program. The students are chosen in a random drawing. 
In this way, the dues paid by Charity Hospital nurses will assist the future nurses of the community and keep the spirit of Charity Hospital alive. 
    The latest recipients for the Federation grants are:
​               Megan Liebert – RN Program
             Ebony Montgomery – PN Program

Federation of Nurses Awards
John O’Reilly Breeden Pin Award: Desmetris Jones
Mr. Breeden was a mechanical engineer in the local maritime industry. He loved cruising in the Gulf Coast and fishing in Louisiana marshes. He was also the father of Charity faculty member Ms. Joan Breeden. 

William Leonard Roberson Pin Award: Christy Heitmeier
Mr. Roberson was a Veteran of the US Air Force and proudly served his country during the Korean War. He was also the father of Charity faculty member Ms. Monica Scheel.

Carolyn Schwarz Myers Pin Award: Anesha Prier
Mrs. Myers was the mother of Charity School of Nursing Dean Dr. Cheryl Myers.  

The following Pin Awards are for four alumni who have passed away:

Geraldine Owens Fields Pin Award: Lauren Trosclair
“Gerry” graduated from Charity in 1959. She was a nurse for many years at the American Legion Hospital, and taught nursing at Louisiana Technical Institute in Baton Rouge. When she passed away this past October, her classmates gave generous donations to create this Pin Award in her memory.

Joan Trapani Ibos Pin Award: Jan Rupert
Joan graduated from Charity in 1966. She worked at St. Tammany Parish Hospital for 45 years, and passed away in October. Her classmate, Ms. Roberta Bartee, an alumni and former faculty here at Charity, made a generous donation to create this Pin Award in Joan’s honor. “We shared many clinical rotations and I remember her as a good nurse and a fine friend,” says Ms. Bartee.

Kirk LeVasseur Pin Award: Valarie Malasovich
This Pin Award has been made possible a generous donation from one of our alumni and Board Members, Ms. Charlene Berger, in honor of her classmate Kirk LeVasseur, a 1979 graduate of Charity. Known to his friends as “Doc,” Kirk was a compassionate and dedicated nurse, working in the challenging field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. He was also well known as a youth sports coach. He always made sure that the kids came first and worked to be a positive influence on them.  

MarKeshia Williams Pin Award: Datia Drake
MarKeshia graduated from Charity in 2015, and was a shining star at Charity. She received an alumni scholarship herself as a student and many of us here still remember her with great fondness. But she was tragically killed in a car accident in 2016. Many of MarKeshia’s classmates and other alumni made generous contributions in her memory to create this Pin Award. 
Pin Awards
The Pin Awards we presented this semester had special meaning for us. Some of Charity’s faculty lost parents this past year, and we are touched and honored that the faculty chose to show their sympathy for their colleagues with donations to the Pin Award Fund, and that the teachers who lost loved ones matched those donations in order to provide Pin Awards to students. 

Heber B. Dodson Jr. Pin Award: Brandi Borden  
Mr. Dodson served his country as a First Lieutenant in the Army Air Corps during World War II, and had a long career as a petroleum engineer. He was also the father of Charity faculty member Ms. Evelyn Dodson.  
Deadline for Charity students to apply for scholarships this semester is May 10.  
Download the 
application here: