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The Alumni Association gives thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards each semester to students enrolled at Charity School of Nursing. Thanks to all our 
alumni, their families and friends who give so generously to make this possible. 
CHSNAA Scholarships & Awards 
February 2021
​Federation of Nurses Awards $500

The Federation of Registered Professional and Licensed Practical Nurses of Charity Hospital was established in the 1970s to give voice and collective bargaining power to the nurses in negotiations to improve patient care, working conditions, schedules, shift differentials and other employment issues. Dues began at 50 cents per pay period and were paid by RNs and LPNs. 
    When Charity Hospital closed after Hurricane Katrina, the Federation’s last executive council decided that the remaining funds should be used to support nursing education. They chose to donate the money to the Charity Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association, to be used to give an award of $500 each semester to one Charity student in the RN program and one Charity student in the PN program. The students are chosen in a random drawing. 
In this way, the dues paid by Charity Hospital nurses will assist the future nurses of the community and keep the spirit of Charity Hospital alive. 
    The latest recipients for the Federation grants are:
Crystal Garnier – RN Program              Sokhna Syll – PN Program

The next deadline for Charity students to apply for scholarships will be in May 12, 2021.
Download your 
application here:
Level 2 students:

Jan Carrio Scholarship $500:  Cherese Mallet
Jan Carrio is a graduate from the Class of 1976. She has been a regular and very generous donor to the Alumni Association for years, sending donations for everything from scholarships and emergency assistance grants, to travel funds to help students attend national student nurse conventions. She is a great champion of the students of Charity School of Nursing! In recognition of her support, the Alumni Association named this scholarship in her honor.  

Sister Blanche McDonnell Scholarship $500: Heather Meza
Sister Blanche was the director of the School of Nursing from 1963 to 1980. Her innovative leadership was pivotal for the school, paving the way to create the modern Charity School of Nursing of today. She changed the face of the student body by enrolling African Americans, men and married students. She was the force behind the construction of the Education Building in the 1970s. She passed away in 2012 at the age of 92. The Alumni Association established this scholarship to honor this extraordinary nurse and educator.

Lorraine Landry Shaheen Scholarship $500: Lacey Muller
Lorraine Shaheen is a graduate from the Class of 1950. She has given a very generous donation to the scholarships fund to benefit the students of Charity. In recognition of her support, the Alumni Association named this scholarship in her honor.

Verline Chapman Olinde Scholarship $500: Janay Tyler
Verline Olinde is a graduate from the Class of 1956. In recognition of her very generous donation to the scholarships fund to benefit the students of Charity, the Alumni Association named this scholarship in her honor.

Class of 9/11/64 Scholarship $500:  Margaret Claire Samford
A group of friends from the Class of 1964 decided that the best gifts they could give each other would be donations to help Charity students. They created a scholarship named after their class – the Class of 9/11/64 - and in memory of members of their class who have passed away. These friends and their other classmates give generously to the fund scholarships for Charity students. Pictured at left is Judith Quigley '64, a generous contributor to the scholarship.  

Level 3 students:

Georga Helmer Scholarship: Nnamdi Aluge
Georga graduated from Charity School of Nursing in 1979 and earned a BSN from LSU in 1984. After 14 years of working in the Charity Hospital Med-Surg, ICU and management, she enrolled in Anesthesia School, graduating in 1996. Following over 30 years of employment at Charity/LSU Medical Center, she now works part-time as a CRNA. Georga was a Great 100 Nurse in 1988, and was President of the Louisiana Association of Nurse Anesthesists Political Action Committee. “I am thankful for God’s favor, wisdom and direction,” says Georga. “My faith has kept me strong throughout my career. Charity has always been my champion.”  Last year, Georga created an Endowed Scholarship fund that will provide scholarships through the Delgado Foundation to Charity nursing students for generations to come. She also donated funds to provide scholarships each semester through the Alumni Association until the Georga Helmer Endowed Scholarship Fund can generate awards through dividends and interest. It is Georga’s wish to recognize Charity students who exhibit academic and clinical excellence and for involvement in community service and/or mission work. 

Leona Kruebbe Hilbert Scholarship $500:  Anabel Velazquez Borjas
Leona Hilbert also graduated from Charity in 1946, and later served as an Assistant Instructor at Charity. Upon her death in 2013, her family created the Leona Hilbert Scholarship at Charity School of Nursing in her honor. When her husband Dr. Gerard Hilbert died a short time later, donations in his honor were added to the scholarship. The Hilbert Family has now created an Endowed Scholarship Fund to support Charity nursing students for generations to come.

Hugh and Maria Garcia Roach Scholarship $1000:  Daisjah Collins
Maria Garcia was born in Mexico, graduated from Charity Hospital School of Nursing in 1938 and trained as a Nurse Anesthetist at Charity Hospital. She went on to teach anesthesia to medical students and physicians at Tulane University School of Medicine. She earned her private pilot license in 1938, and in World War II joined the Army Air Corps Medical Air Evacuation. She served in North Africa, Asia and Europe as a nurse and relief pilot and later became an instructor in air evacuation. Maria continued to serve her country in the State Department after the war. Her husband Hugh Roach was a British Foreign Service officer and became a United Nations representative for Canada. When Hugh died, Maria created a scholarship fund in both their names at Charity School of Nursing. Maria passed away in 2018 at the age of 102.

Margaret Robichaux Elliott Scholarship $500:  Katelyn Jones
Margaret Elliott graduated from Charity in 1949. She was a staff nurse on the urology ward at Charity, and head nurse on orthopedics. She had six children, volunteered for the Red Cross Blood Bank and assisted in my husband's medical practice. Margaret now lives in Florida, and says, “I have wonderful memories of Charity Hospital and the sisters that taught me. I loved being a nurse and am grateful for the education I received.” Margaret’s very generous donations have made scholarships possible for many years, and now she and her daughter Michele have created an Endowed Scholarship Fund in Margaret's name that will provide scholarships for Charity nursing students for generations to come.

​Sister Camilla Gaudin Scholarship $500:  Kevin Olano
Sister Camilla Gaudin joined the Daughters of Charity in 1935. She served as supervisor of the orthopedic department at Charity Hospital for 32 years, then spent another 18 years at Charity Hospital serving as patient liaison. Though not a graduate of the School of Nursing, Sister Camilla was named an Honorary Member of the CHSN Alumni Association. Sister Camilla died in 2010, and a scholarship was established by Charity alumni who had worked with Sister Camilla in honor of this beloved member of the Charity community.

Rose Ella Chenevert Miller Scholarship $1,000: Katie Pendergrass
Rose Ella graduated from Charity in 1958. She spent most of her career in pediatric intensive care which was cutting edge medicine in her day. She lived in New Roads, Louisiana, and worked at Pointe Coupee General Hospital. Rose Ella was also a writer and she started a newsletter at her hospital and she had a column in her local paper. She later assembled a collection of her essays into a book. Rose Ella passed away in 2018, and made the Charity Alumni Association the beneficiary of her trust, dedicating her estate to provide for Charity’s students.  Rose Ella's bequest will fund scholarships for generations of Charity students to come, and provides major funding toward a state-of-the-art Skills Lab in the new building, to be named in Rose Ella’s honor.  

​Level 4 students:

Sally Cooper Scholarship $1,000: Kathryn Boudoin
This scholarship was established by the Alumni Association in honor of Sally Cooper, Class of 1959. Sally taught at Charity Hospital School of Nursing for many years and, in 1980, became Director of the School of Nursing. She was the first Director who was also a Charity graduate. Sally led the school through the merger of Charity Hospital School of Nursing with Delgado Community College, creating the Charity School of Nursing of today. Sally is remembered for her leadership and dedication to the school, its students, faculty and staff. She was also an active member of our Alumni Association for many years. Sally retired in 1992, and the Cooper Scholarship was established by the Alumni Association so that she could enjoy our appreciation of all she did for Charity while she was alive. Sally passed away in 2012 and she is still greatly missed.

Maudie E. Bates Scholarship $500:  Kiesha Brown
Maudie graduated from Charity in 1950, and went on to join the Air Force. She rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. She was a Lifetime member of the Alumni Association, and gave generously to assist Charity students, such as making donations to help students attend National Student Nurse Conventions. Maudie passed away in 2019. Her nephew Mr. Donald Castle, made a generous gift to create scholarships in Maudie’s memory.

Mary Ann Signorelli Whynot Scholarship $500: Shareace Guidry
Mary Ann Signorelli was part of the Cadet Nurse Corps and graduated in 1946. She served as ship’s nurse on Navy transports carrying displaced persons from Europe to the US, Canada, Australia and South America after World War II, and that’s where she met a navigation officer named Richard Whynot, her future husband. They both served in the US Army and Navy Military Sea Transportation Services during the Korean War. Mary Ann worked as a nurse at Charity Hospital, and hospitals around the country. She passed away in 2003 and Richard created a scholarship for Charity nursing students in her memory. Richard passed away last year, and his family asked that donations in his honor be made to Mary Ann’s Scholarship.

Joycelyn Jeansonne Scholarship $500:  Launa Reed
This scholarship was established by Dr. Kevin Jeansonne, the spouse of Joycelyn Jeansonne, who graduated in 1978, and is an active member and leader in the Alumni Association. Dr. Jeansonne firmly believes in the importance of scholarships to help dedicated students and he felt that the Alumni Association should offer more of them. He committed to supporting this scholarship every semester. Though not limited to students interested in pursuing a career in Pediatrics, the scholarship seeks to encourage those students because of Joycelyn’s love of that field.