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Charity Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get a copy of my nursing school transcript? 
​All Charity graduates can log on to and click on Request for Transcript 
in the green stripe along the bottom of the Home page. This will give you all the 
options available to get a transcript and detailed instructions.  

If you are a Diploma grad, and want to order your transcript online, click on the National Student Clearinghouse link provided on the Request for Transcript page, 
enter your information, and after about a half dozen screens there is a box that says Special Instructions.  Enter the words "Charity Hospital Diploma Program" in the Special Instructions box.

How can I get an enrollment verification?
Go to the National Student Clearing House website
and choose Delgado Community College or enter the school code: 004625. If you need assistance in navigating the site, please contact the National Student Clearinghouse 
at 1-703-742.4200. 

​How do I get a replacement diploma?
For information on picking up or replacing an Associate Degree diploma, contact the Registrar office at 504-571-1393. Sorry, duplicate diplomas are not available for 
diploma program graduates. 

How can I get a replacement graduation pin?
​Contact Herff Jones Graduate Supply House, 2504 Hickory Ave, Harahan, LA 70003, 
504-737-4439 to order your pin. (They will contact the school to verify that you are a graduate.)

How do I notify you about a change of address?
Mail the information to: 
CHSN Alumni Association, P.O. Box 19103, New Orleans, LA 70179, 
or email to:
or call the office at 504-571-1395. 

Does the Alumni Association want donations of my old Charity 
cape, cap, pin, yearbook, photos or other items from my nursing school days?
Yes! We keep some items for the archives, and some items are auctioned or sold to other graduates to raise money for our programs. You may mail any items to: 
CHSN Alumni Office, 450 South Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70112; or drop off items at the front desk of the School of Nursing at 450 South Claiborne Avenue 
(be sure to mark items as for Alumni).

How can I get information about what I’m doing printed in 
The White Cap or Alumni News 
Just send it to us. We are always happy to print alumni news in our publications.  
Mail to: CHSN Alumni Association, 450 South Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112, 
or email to:

Can I write an article for The White Cap or Alumni News?  
Will you publish photos?
Absolutely! Just send it to us. We are always happy to print articles and photos that would be of interest to our alumni. Mail to: CHSN Alumni Association, 450 South Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112, or email to:

We do not accept advertisements, but will print announcements or articles that would be of general interest to our graduates.  The White Cap is usually published in June, and the Alumni News is published in December. We must receive your news or article a minimum of a month prior in order to be included, but that is not a guarantee – it may be pushed to the next publication depending on space available.


Email the CHSN Alumni Association:

On Facebook: Alumni NOLA

Internet Archive: Yearbooks & Newsletters

Our Photo Share site:

Delgado Community College

Charity Association of Student Nurses (CASN) Association of Student Nurses

New Orleans District Nurses Association (NODNA)

Charity Tales: A book that needs to be written
Do we want to be notified about the death of an alumni?
Yes, please!  Mail the information to: CHSN Alumni Association, 
450 South Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70112, or email to:, or call the office at 504-571-1395. Please give us the name of the alumni and date of their death. We will print the notice in our next publication.

How do I plan a class reunion?
Most classes choose to schedule reunions at the Alumni Association events, either at the spring Luncheon or the fall Breakfast. If you are interested in planning a reunion, the Alumni Association will be happy to send you the contact information we have for your classmates. If you let us know enough in advance, we will print information about your reunion plans in The White Cap or the Alumni News. We will also reserve a table for your class. Contact us at or call 504-571-1395.

Can I visit the School of Nursing while I’m in town? How about the dorm?
The best time to tour the School of Nursing is at Homecoming which is held at the school every five years. Then all the classrooms, labs and other facilities are open, and guided tours are available of the school and the dorm. Otherwise, if you visit the school while classes are in session, you will only be able to see the lobby, the patio where the Commemorative Brick Wall is located, and the library. The dorm is now owned by LSU and is never open for tours except at Homecoming. The next Homecoming may be in the Fall of 2021.

I left a message on the Alumni Office answering machine. How soon will someone return my call?
We do not have staff in the Alumni office on a daily basis, but the mail and answering machine are checked at least once a week. (Please speak slowly and clearly when you leave a message so we can understand your name and phone number!) Your call will be returned within seven days. It can help if you let us know why you are calling so we can have the information available when we return the call.  You can also email us at and you may get a faster response.

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