Charity Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association
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CHSNAA Services

The Scholarship Fund provides grants based on outstanding academic and clinical performance by Charity students, and can be used to help pay for tuition, books, fees and Charity school pins.  In addition to the alumni-funded Sally Cooper Alumni Scholarship, we also administer eight memorial scholarships that provide a lasting way for our alumni to continue to touch lives at Charity.
The Charity Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association depends upon your generous donations to fulfill our mission of providing support for Charity School of Nursing and her students, and to preserve the school's history.
Student Emergencies
The Student Emergency Assistance Fund provides fast financial assistance when students are faced with personal, medical or family crises that could affect their studies at Charity.  Students identified by faculty commitee as at-risk are given a $100 gift-card to help provide food, clothing, prescriptions or other needs to help students over an emergency and keep them in school.
Artwork and Archives 
The Art & Archives Preservation Fund will help restore and preserve the artwork, old photos and archival documents that belong to the School of Nursing and are an important part of the school's historical record.
If you have any questions concerning our funds and projects, please contact us.

Donations can be mailed to:
CHSN Alumni Association,
P.O. Box 19103
New Orleans, LA  70179
or go to "Order Online."
Student Activities
The Student Activities Fund assists with valuable student experiences like regional and national conferences.  The Fund also provides an alumni-sponsored luncheon for graduating seniors on Professional Development Day each semester.
"My Charity training prepared me for a good life, as well as a good job."  - Brenda Putman Rabren '63