Charity Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association
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Charity Homecoming Celebration
We celebrate Homecoming every 5 years with a full weekend of activities!
“Had a great time at 
Homecoming 2015. Loved the location, food was good, and accommodations were perfect. Thanks a million.” 
             - Betty Hebert ‘68

“I wanted to say Thank You 
for EVERYTHING! Homecoming was such a memorable event. My class was thrilled!” 
             - Patti Burcham ‘70

“My husband said he 
became overwhelmed at 
the sight of long lost friends reuniting once again at Homecoming. He said he often heard me 
speak of my training days at Charity but after this weekend - he gets it! Charity nurses are truly gems from the Big C and shine brilliantly every where they go!!” - Cleo Garcia '75
We are sad to announce that
Homecoming 2020
has been cancelled
due to the pandemic.

We will reschedule when we feel 
that the safety and comfort of our alumni can be insured.